See an Amazing Variety of Birds at The Montecasino Bird Gardens

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A fun outing is a visit to Montecasino. One of the nicest places to visit at Montecasino is the Montecasino Bird Gardens for great family entertainment. In this article, find out about the Montecasino Bird Gardens, where it is, how to contact them and what to see and do there.

What Is the Montecasino Bird Gardens?

The Montecasino Bird Gardens, or Monte Casino Bird Gardens, is the only bird park in Johannesburg. It is a beautiful place to visit, with wooden walkways and bridges through magnificent gardens. The Gardens are not only a bird park where you can see a wide variety of birds; they also have a range of other animals you can see, including some unusual animals and reptiles.

Other places you can visit in Johannesburg to see animals include the Johannesburg Zoo or Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park.

Where Is the Montecasino Bird Gardens?

Montecasino Bird Gardens Pin 2

The Montecasino Bird Gardens is located in the northern Johannesburg suburb of Fourways. You can find the Bird Gardens next to Montecasino’s Entertainment complex.

Their address is Cnr William Nicol Drive & Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways, Johannesburg.

The best way to get to the Gardens is by car. If you are a foreign visitor, you can easily use Uber or Grab to get Montecasino from any hotel in Johannesburg. If you want to explore Montecasino and the surrounding area, you can rent a car from

What Are the Montecasino Bird Gardens’ Prices?

You can buy your entrance tickets at the ticket office at the entrance to the Gardens. The entrance fees are:

Price (ZAR)Price (USD)
Adults (between 13 – 59 years old)R95$5.55
Pensioners (60+)R66$3.90
Children (2 – 12 years)R66$3.90
Hotel GuestsR38$2.20
As of 8 January 2023

If you’re a member of the Montecasino Rewards programme, you qualify for discounted fares when visiting the Gardens. They also offer special rates for groups of more than 15 people.

Other items you can purchase at the Gardens include duck pellets to feed the ducks at R9 per bag. You can purchase badges (R13) and various magnets (ranging between R13 – R20) here.

How to Contact the Montecasino Bird Gardens

You can contact the Montecasino Bird Gardens by telephone at +27 11 511 1864, or you can email them at

Opening Hours

The Gardens are open from Mondays to Sundays between 9:00 and 17:00. They are open on public holidays.

What to See and Do at The Montecasino Bird Gardens

The Gardens offer so much to see – making it perfect for family outings! Here are some of the things you can see and do in the Gardens:

The Montecasino Bird Show

Flights of Fantasy Bird Show
Flights of Fantasy Bird Show

The Montecasino Bird Gardens’ popular bird show is called the Flight of fantasy bird show. The Flight of fantasy shows take place at 11:00 and 15:00. Each show lasts about 15 minutes. On some days (Wednesday to Sunday), they have short demonstrations only.

The Walk-Through Aviary

One of the highlights of visiting the Gardens is the walk-through aviary. The walk-through aviary boasts more than 60 species of birds, such as Nicobar pigeons and Scarlet Ibises, inside. There are also reptiles and smaller animals in the aviary, including smaller antelope.

Small Mammals

The Gardens have a variety of smaller mammals. We love visiting the meerkat in the Gardens.

Meerkat at the Montecasino Bird Gardens
Meerkat at the Montecasino Bird Gardens

Antelope in the Gardens include Blue Duikers and Red Duikers. The Gardens also have Ring-Tailed, Red-Ruffed Lemurs and cute Meerkats. You can typically only find Red-ruffed lemurs in Madagascar. These small animals are currently endangered.

Other animals you can view here include bats and small primate species.

Feed the Ducks

Feeding the ducks
Feeding the ducks

You can buy duck pellets at the ticket office to feed the ducks!


Green Iguana
Green Iguana

A visit to the Fierce Creatures reptile display is a must for reptile lovers. The Montecasino Bird Gardens has the world’s oldest female Green Anaconda in captivity. Other reptiles to see are some of South Africa’s most venomous snakes, such as the Boomslang (tree snake) and Black Mamba.

The Black Mamba is one of Southern Africa’s most venomous snakes. Others include the Cape Cobra and the puff adder.

A must-visit reptile is the newest Iguana in the main aviary! He is from the Green Iguana species and has a rare blue morph colour. Despite the name of the Green Iguana, they can have a white, yellow, or red colour. They can even be multicoloured.

Frog Room

Spot the green frog in the bottom right corner
Spot the green frog in the bottom right corner
Small reptile in the frog room
Small reptile in the frog room

The Montecasino Bird Gardens has a unique display focusing on frogs. Here, you can see frogs, spiders and scorpions. One of the most impressive spiders here is the Scarlet Bird Eater, one of the world’s largest spiders.

Spider in the Fierce Creatures room at Montecasino Bird Gardens
Spider in the Fierce Creatures room at Montecasino Bird Gardens

Alligator Snapping Turtles

These unique turtles have a prehistoric appearance. They are some of the biggest turtles globally. Their bodies feature a spiked shell, and they have beaklike jaws with a thick, scaled take. Some people call them the “dinosaurs of the turtle world “.

Parrot Gallery

The Parrot Gallery features various colourful Macaws and Cockatoos.

Endangered Southern Ground-hornbills

The Southern Ground-hornbills are an endangered bird species. The Montecasino Bird Gardens is affiliated with the Mabula Ground-hornbill Conservation Project. The donations they collect from the Montecasino Bird show help to conserve these birds.

The Southern Cassowary

A Southern Cassowary - massive bird from Australia
A Southern Cassowary – massive bird from Australia

These massive birds hail from Australia. They are closely related to Emus and Kiwis.

Flamingo Pond

The Flamingo Pond
The Flamingo Pond

The Flamingo pond hosts 3 of the 6 flamingo species in the world. The Gardens’ species include Greater Flamingos, Caribbean Flamingos and Lesser Flamingos.

The South African Cycad Gardens

South African Cycads
South African Cycads

The Montecasino Bird Gardens possesses one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of South African Cycads. Their collection features more than 750 cycads from 37 different species.

Relax at The Flamingo Café

You can have a bite to eat or a drink at the Flamingo Café inside the Montecasino Bird Gardens. The Café overlooks the Flamingo Pond. Here, you can choose from various light meals and drinks while experiencing the ambience of the Gardens. Their menu offerings include burgers, toasted sandwiches, pizzas and hot dogs. They have sodas and a small range of alcoholic drinks. You can also take your wine and pay no corkage.

You can host a children’s party for up to 90 guests at the Flamingo Café. If you don’t feel like sitting down, grab a takeaway on your way out!

Montecasino Bird Gardens Pin 1

The Flamingo Café is open from Wednesdays to Sundays between 9:00 – 17:00. They can be contacted by telephone at: +27 11 510 7890

Frequently Asked Questions About Montecasino Bird Gardens

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about a visit to these Gardens:

How Long Should You Spend at The Montecasino Bird Gardens?

A visit to the Gardens can last between one and three hours, depending on how fast you walk through the gardens and whether it is your first time visiting the Gardens. You may need to wait to see some of the animals when it gets busy on weekends.

Most people visit the Montecasino Bird Gardens as part of a visit to Montecasino. Apart from slot machines, Montecasino offers other family activities, such as bowling, an arcade, laser tag and a cinema.

Are the Gardens Only Fun For Children?

Although visiting the Gardens can be a memorable family outing, adults without children may also enjoy visiting the lush gardens. In addition to seeing many birds and unique mammals, taking a leisurely stroll through the Gardens is an enjoyable way to get a light workout in!

What Are the Highlights of Visiting the Gardens?

Hidden Toucan Bird
Hidden Toucan Bird
Sloth at the Montecasino Bird Gardens
Sloth at the Montecasino Bird Gardens

People generally love learning about the different species of birds from the information boards in the enclosures. Many people mention that seeing lemurs for the first time was a highlight for them. Others mention that the Toucan birds were beautiful to see! We love seeing the sloth and red pandas in the Gardens.

What to Take with You when Visiting the Montecasino Bird Gardens?

Always take sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat with you! Wear comfortable clothes (women and men) and walking shoes. It may be helpful to take a small day pack to carry a light jacket and sunscreen. And never forget your camera!

Where to Stay to Visit the Montecasino Bird Gardens

Click here if you are looking for luxury accommodation options in Johannesburg. Otherwise, this map shows you accommodation options near the Montecasino Bird Gardens:

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