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Are you looking for cheap flights to South Africa?

If you are, you probably know airlines have cheap airfares for last-minute flight reservations. Sometimes they also have flash sales and special sales promotions. Finding these deals may not be easy as they are often limited to limited flights, dates, and times. Furthermore, they sell out quickly because everyone is always looking for cheap flights! This article contains some tips to help you find cheap flights to South Africa.

How to Find Cheap Flights to South Africa

Finding these special flight deals may be challenging, but here are several tips to help you get the best cheap flights to South Africa or anywhere in the world.

Finding Cheap Flights to South Africa: Use the Best Tool to Search Flights

How to find cheap flights to South Africa

To find the best deals on cheap flights to South Africa, you need to use the best tool to search for flights.

There are several online flight aggregator search engines to help you find the best flights to any destination. Most of these sites compare thousands of flights from a variety of airlines to make sure you get the best cheap flight possible.

You can find cheap flights to South Africa using this airfare search engine to compare flights between over 600 airlines.

All you need to do is to enter your city of departure, your destination, and the dates you want to travel. Once you click search, they will give you a variety of flights to compare and choose from.

The flight prices are dynamic and will change all the time. If you see a particularly cheap flight to South Africa, it is best to book it otherwise it may not be available when you do the search again.

How to Find Cheap Flights to South Africa: Sign-Up for Airfare Alerts

Another way to find cheap flights is to sign up for fare alerts. Usually, you will see a clock or subscriber icon near your search results. Click on this and if you have logged into the site, you will be subscribed for airfare alerts for your specific search criteria.

Finding Cheap Flights to South Africa: Subscribe to Flight Aggregator Sites’ Mailing Lists

You can also sign up to the mailing list of flight aggregator sites to be informed of special deals and flash sales when they occur. If you are planning to take domestic flights in South Africa, also subscribe to the local airlines’ mailing list for flight deals. The main domestic airlines in South Africa include Mango, Kulula, Lift and Safair. Alternatively, sign up for TravelStart where you can find cheap flights to South Africa, but also within South Africa.

How to Find Cheap Flights to South Africa: Be Flexible When Making Your Travel Plans

Flight prices change daily, weekly, monthly, by season, and sometimes even throughout the day. If you find a cheap flight to South Africa, it is best to book it as it may not be there when you do the search again.

You will see that the more flexible you are with your travel arrangements, the easier it is to find cheap flights to South Africa. Just remember this may come at a cost, such as much longer travel times and possible luggage issues if you used different airlines on your journey. Usually, the more flexible you can be, the more likely you will be to find a cheaper fare.

Other factors that may influence airfares include:

Consider smaller airports

If there are multiple airports in one city, it is worth checking the airfare to the different airports. Often airfares to the smaller airports are better priced than for the major airport.

In South Africa, most cities only have one international airport, making this option to find cheap flights to South Africa less feasible for international flights. Most people fly to South Africa and land at either Johannesburg International Airport or Cape Town International Airport.

If you are travelling within South Africa, you can try to save money on domestic flights by comparing flights to and from both Johannesburg International Airport and Lanseria Airport to the different destinations in South Africa.

Consider multiple stops

If you don’t mind multiple stops on the way to South Africa and if you have no specific airline preferences, you may find cheaper flights to South Africa. You can even block the different legs of your journey with different airlines to maximise your savings.

This is definitely an option when you are looking for cheap flights to South Africa. Since many airlines fly to South Africa, you may reduce your flight costs by combining flights from different airlines to get you to South Africa.

Another advantage of layovers is that you can squeeze in a visit to another travel destination, instead of just visiting South Africa.

A disadvantage is that travel time may increase significantly if you have multiple layovers in different cities. You may also find this tiring, as you typically only spend a few hours at each destination. Multiple layovers may also reduce the time you have available to explore beautiful South Africa.

Have flexible travel dates

Your travel dates have a major impact on airfares. Try to visit your destination during off-peak seasons to save on your airfare and other travel expenses.

Consider the best times to visit South Africa before finalising your travel arrangements to South Africa. Avoid peak seasons, such as Easter and the holiday seasons, to maximise your savings.

Finding Cheap Flights to South Africa: Consider Packaged Deals

Often you can save a significant amount of money by booking a packaged deal. Packaged deals typically include either flights and hotels, flights and car rentals, or sometimes even flights, hotels, and car rentals. Some packaged tours include flights from your home country to your travel destination, while others start once in your destination.

Tour Radar offers a variety of package tour deals. Click here to see if they have a packaged deal for your South Africa travel needs.

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How to Find Cheap Flights to South Africa: Use a VPN

Using an incognito internet browser window and a VPN may also help you find cheaper deals. When you search for flight options from certain countries, such as the USA, the price may be higher than from other countries (such as South Africa). Try using a VPN and selecting different locations to see if you find cheap flights to South Africa. We have been using NordVPN for over three years now and can highly recommend it.

Looking for Hotels in South Africa?

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