What to Do at Sun City South Africa?

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Sun City is a popular destination for South Africans and tourists alike. If you were wondering what to do at Sun City South Africa, it might surprise you to find many activities catering for all ages. Let’s see what the fun things to do at Sun City in South Africa are.

Golf at Two World-Class Golf Courses

Golfers will be happy to know that Sun City has two world-class courses designed by the famous South African golfing legend Gary Player. The two golf courses are the Lost City Golf Course and the Gary Player Golf Course, offering 18 holes (par 72). Gary Player designed these golf courses to ensure it challenges all golfers, regardless of their handicap. 

Experience the Pump Track in The Bike Park in Sun City

Regardless of their skill level, all riders can experience the multi-wheel pump track at Sun City. A pump track is for different wheels, ranging from mountain bikes to skateboards. Beginners can learn basic skills and improve their skills in the controlled environment of the Bike Park. 

Mountain Biking in A Game Park

You can complete a mountain biking route of 9.7 kilometres through the Letsatsing Game Park if you love mountain biking. Although the route is rocky and mountainous, it is not very steep. The Letsatsting Game Park houses Impala, Zebra, Warthogs and Kudu wildlife. 

What to Do at Sun City South Africa – Do a Time Champ Trail Run 

You can complete a TimeChamp trail run at Sun City to record a running session and times for your TimeChamp Profile. In addition, you can compare your performance against other runners who have completed the same trail run. You can choose from the 5.2km Green Route in the Gary Player Golf Course or the 6km Blue Route which covers the Lost City and the Gary Player golf course. 

Play Tennis at The Sun City Tennis Club

You can play tennis with friends and family or even get tennis coaching. There are 11 tennis courts in Sun City. You can find these tennis courts near the Cascade Hotel in Sun City. 

Adventure Activities at Adrenaline Extreme

If you are a thrill-seeker, Sun City spoils you with options for adventure activities. You can find adventure activities at Adrenaline Extreme in Sun City. Here are some of the adventure activities you can choose from:

  • The Accelerator: Become a giant human catapult to get your adrenaline flowing!
  • Call of Duty: The Call of Duty activity is a tactical shooting experience where you use a BB gun to clear areas and shoot targets. 
  • Drift Strikes: The Drift Strikes is a unique experience on three wheels. The smooth linings on the back wheels will fuel your adrenaline, guaranteeing a fast drifting experience.
  • 4×4 Quads: If you love traditional 4×4 experiences, you will love the challenging Quad bike circuit at Sun City.

Act Like a Monkey in The Chimp & Zee Rope Adventure Park

You can cross the Valley of the Waves in the treetops above it. The Chimp & Zee Rope Adventure comprises elevated obstacles for you to overcome. Some barriers or challenges you may encounter include balancing beams, zip lines, rope bridges, hanging spider nets and more. Each course in the adventure park requires you to use a unique approach and skills to succeed. The Rope Adventure Park is perfect for children and adults. 

Activities at The Mankwe Gametrackers Outdoor Adventure Centre

The Mankwe Gametrackers Outdoor Adventure Centre offers many adventure activities to choose from, including:

  • A guided 4×4 quad biking experience through the Letsatsing Game Park
  • Learning archery with a recurve bow
  • Taking part in a drum circle by learning to play the Djembe drum.
  • Having a hot-air balloon safari over the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Do a Segway Tour at Sun City

Segway tours are a unique way to explore your destination. You can choose one of the following Segway tours at Sun City:

  • The Lake Tour: This tour takes place around the Gary Player Country Club golf course, and you will glide along smooth pathways with beautiful views of Sun City in the distance. 
  • The Crocodile Pit Tour: This tour takes place at the Lost City Golf Course, where you will have beautiful views as you near the 13th hole, where you will meet some Nile crocodiles.
  • The Multi-Terrain Tour: When you do this tour, you use the Segway PT X2, which has higher ground clearance and rugged wheels. This tour lets you explore the beautiful Gary Player Country Club and The Lost City Golf Course. 

Experience One of The Fastest Zip Slide in The World

The Zip 2000 is the world’s original extreme zip slide. If you are 12 years or older, you can have an unforgettable experience when you do the Zip 2000. The Zip 2000 is one of the world’s longest, fastest, and highest zip slides. It covers over 2 kilometres and is an excellent family activity. 

See Sun City from Above

One of the many things to do at Sun City is to have a helicopter experience with Skyhorse Aviation which will give you stunning views of the Palace of the Lost City, the Valley of the Waves, Sun City and the surrounding bushveld. 

Do a Family Bushwalk

Another unique experience at Sun City is a family bushwalk. The family bushwalk takes place in the Letsatsing Game Park within the borders of Sun City. The Game park has animals like Impala, Nyala and Sable antelope. A field guide will collect the family from the departure point. The family and their guide will disembark from the vehicle and begin their bushwalk. The bushwalk involves walking as close as possible to the animals without disturbing them. The bushwalk experience will teach the family about the different animals they encounter, including learning about their behaviour, tracks and dung. 

Have a Cultural Experience with The Leeto-Kgolo Village Tour

You can learn more about the history of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela tribe, the people of Pilanesberg, by doing the Leeto-Kgolo Village Tour. When doing this tour, you will stop at the Mphebatho Cultural Museum for a guided tour before hopping onto a bicycle to take a ride through the village, where you will stop at several places of interest. Visitors also stop at, for example, a local shebeen or tuck shop at Tshilong to learn about traditional food preparation and Kgosi Kgamanyane’s wall, also called the rain making rock. The tour finishes at TT’s where you can have a meal or drinks.

Go Mining at Finders Keepers

What to do at Sun City South Africa - Finders Keepers for mining fun
Things to do at Sun City South Africa – Finders Keepers for mining fun

Another one of the fun things to do at Sun City is mining at Finders Keepers. Finders Keepers is a general Mining Store and Scratch Patch where children can take part in a treasure hunt looking for precious gems and stones in the Scratch Patch.

Explore the Segaetsho Cultural Village

To learn about the heritage and history of the North-West Province, you can visit the Segaetsho Cultural Village. You will learn about the Batswana culture through traditional dance, fashion, food, music and photography. You can also buy African artefacts, such as decorative art, prints and portraits, at the Segaetsho Kiosk. 

Board the Stimela Train

Another fun activity for families is taking the Stimela Train. The train takes families around Waterworld Lake at Sun City. 

Do the Bird & Tree Walk

The Cascade hotel garden has a beautiful walk if you are interested in different trees and bird species. If you love birds and learning about them, you can also stroll through the Animal World Aviary at Sun City.

Experience the Forest of Lights at Night 

The Cascade hotel’s garden turns into a magical forest at night with twinkling lights and pathways. Unfortunately, the Forest of Lights experience is typically only available during the festive season. 

Let the Kids Have Fun at Kamp Kwena Sun City

What to do at Sun City South Africa - Kamp Kwena for childcare
What to do at Sun City South Africa – Kamp Kwena for childcare

Kamp Kwena offers parents a solution for a holiday venue with childcare. Kamp Kwena provides a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including educational activities and supervised childcare. They also offer creche and babysitting services to let parents explore Sun City without worrying about the safety of their children.

Have a Bouncing Experience at The Sun Vacation Club Jump Park

If you want to know what to do for families in Sun City, the Sun Vacation Club Jump Park is an outdoor trampoline park for families. It is only available to Sun Vacation Club and Sun City hotel residents. 

Playing Mini-Golf with The Kids

Things to do in Sun City South Africa - playing mini golf
Things to do in Sun City South Africa – playing mini golf

The 18-hole mini-golf course is a perfect outdoor activity for families. An added benefit is getting them started with golf at a young age!

Let the Kids Do Mini Quad Biking

Children between 8 and 12 can learn to drive on mini quad bikes. The mini quad biking track at Sun City lets kids experience driving in a safe environment. 

Do Water Sports at The Sun City Waterworld

When you ask people about what to do in Sun City, South Africa, they often mention Sun City’s Waterwold as a fun place for the entire family. The Sun City Waterworld is an artificial lake and offers various water activities, including parasailing, tube rides, jet skiing and wakeboarding. Skilled instructors will assist you in making sure you are safe at all times. In addition, you can also hire a family boat and spend the day just cruising Waterworld Lake. 

Explore the Maze of The Lost City

What to do at Sun City South Africa - The maze of the Lost City
What to do at Sun City South Africa – The maze of the Lost City

The Maze of the Lost City is a giant permanent maze in the Southern Hemisphere. They constructed the labyrinth from artificial stone and wood, which appears to be an ancient archaeological site. To get to the maze, you cross a 100-metre-long suspension bridge with stunning views of the Sun City Resort. If you complete the maze, you can buy yourself ice cream or craft beer at the Maze Bar.

Have Fun in The Water at The Valley of The Waves

The Valley of the Waves is Sun City’s famous water park. The prominent feature is the legendary Roaring Lagoon, where waves of up to two metres appear every 90 seconds. You can lie on the beach under a palm tree and enjoy the African sun. Other water activities are available at the Valley of the Waves, including water rides and slides. 

Watch a Rhino Notching

By participating in the rhino notching activity at Sun City, you can sponsor a rhino immobilisation and contribute to protecting rhinos. This experience will provide you with more information about rhinos, poaching and the veterinary procedures to safeguard the rhinos. This notching experience includes viewing the whole process from seeing an immobilised rhino, the notching and DNA collection, photo opportunities and watching the rhino waking up—definitely a unique experience. 

Discover the Big 5 on Safari

When people think about what to do in Sun City, South Africa, most people will consider seeing wildlife. The Pilanesberg Game Reserve houses the Big 5 and a range of other animals, including Zebra, Hyena, Hippos and buffalo. The Reserve has over 7000 animals and 300 bird species. You can choose to explore the Park from your car or book a guided Safari experience. 

Visit the Crocodiles at Kwena Crocodiles

What to do at Sun City South Africa - see crocodiles
What to do at Sun City South Africa – see crocodiles

The Crocodile Village crocodile park teaches you more about crocodiles, and you can watch a crocodile feeding. If you are lucky, a guide may accompany you for free while walking through the crocodile park. When there are baby crocodiles, children are allowed to hold them. There is a gift shop on-site. 

The Breakout Experience at Sun City

Another fun thing to do in Sun City, South Africa is the Breakout Experience. The Breakout experience is an escape room activity at Sun City. It is perfect for families or groups and is an action-packed adventure game guaranteeing tons of fun for participants. As part of the breakout experience, you need to solve clues to escape from a locked room. You need to complete tasks, riddles and puzzles to help you escape. You can choose from three different breakout scenarios at Sun City: Escape the Lost Pyramid, the Kidnapping and the Airplane Mystery!

See how Lucky You Are by Gambling at The Sun City Casino

The Sun City Casino offers hundreds of slot machines and more than 40 table games. If you are fortunate, you may win enough to extend your visit to Sun City! 

Have a Spa Experience at Sun City

Sun City offers two spas, including the Royal Salon wellness spa and beauty salon and the Gary Player Health Spa and beauty salon. The spas provide various rejuvenating and healing treatments to help you recover from spending your days in the sun.

Watch a Movie in The Cinema

Sun Movies lets you watch a movie on a rainy day. It offers high-definition picture quality and surround sound. Sun Movies show several blockbusters at a time, and you can choose from a range of snacks to make the movie experience even better. 

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Do Some Shopping at Sun City

There are shops throughout the Sun City Resort. Regardless of your needs, you don’t need to leave the resort to make your purchase. The shops provide items such as swimwear, footwear, drinks, snacks, jewellery, clothing, gifts, candy, eyewear and golfing accessories and goods.

One of The Most Fun Things to Do at Sun City – Playing with The Kids at The Magic Company

If you are still unsure about what to do at Sun City, South Africa, try having fun at the Magic Company – a kids’ favourite! The Magic Company is in Sun Central and has many games for both young and old, including ten-pin bowling. 

Attend a Concert or Event at The Sun City Super Bowl

You can attend concerts or events at the Sun City Super Bowl. Sun City has hosted a range of world-renown artists in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl also has conferencing facilities using the best technology and modern fittings. 

Play Virtual Reality Games at The Vortex Virtual Lounge

You can play the latest 4D virtual reality games at the Vortex Virtual Lounge. The Lounge will provide you with a virtual reality headset to play the games. This is an excellent activity for families and teams. 

What to Do at Sun City South Africa – Enjoy the Nightlife at Sun City

Sun City has several bars and clubs to drink and dance the night away if you are a night owl. These include the Encore Club, Vibes Sportsbar and the Revue Bar for adult entertainment.

Enjoy the Company of Legends in The South African Hall of Fame

One of the best things to do in Sun City is visiting the South African Hall of Fame. The South African Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of South African icons, ranging from actors, athletes, musicians to artists. The Hall of Fame is an interactive experience and lets visitors relive the best moments of the South African icons through virtual reality activations and sports simulations. In addition, you can interact with your South African heroes and compete with them in the Hall of Fame. 

Visit the King’s Tower for A Spectacular View of Sun City Resort

The King’s tower offers an unforgettable view of the Sun City Resort, but getting to the top is no easy feat. Although a lift can take you to the eighth or ninth floor, you will still climb many stairs to get to the top. To make the most of the experience, pack a drink and some snacks to enjoy the spectacular view of the resort from King’s Tower. 

What to do at Sun City South Africa
What to do at Sun City South Africa
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