Where To Buy Bubble Tea in Johannesburg

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Bubble tea is becoming more popular across the world. It is no different in South Africa. If you crave bubble tea and want to know where to buy bubble tea in Johannesburg, this guide outlines the different bubble tea shops in Johannesburg where you can get a cup of satisfying bubble tea.

What is bubble tea?

Where to buy bubble tea in Johannesburg South Africa

Bubble tea is also known as pearl milk tea or boba tea. It is a beverage that started in Taiwan and has become popular in Asia, North America and Europe. Boba refers to chunky bits of either fruit or tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls comprise tapioca starch, which comes from the cassava plant. They are typically white, hard and tasteless. They become black and tasty tapioca pearls after being boiled in a sugary syrup for hours. Since they cook the pearls in sugar, bubble tea is not a healthy drink.

Where to buy bubble tea in Johannesburg?

You can buy fresh bubble tea in a few bubble tea shops in Johannesburg, or canned bubble tea from one or more Asian supermarkets. Let’s look at your best bubble tea options in Johannesburg.


Bubble tea shops in Johannesburg - Momo Fresh Tea and Juice Drink
Bubble tea shops in Johannesburg – Momo Fresh Tea and Juice Drink

Susu Fresh Tea and Juice have three bubble tea shops in Johannesburg. The first bubble tea shop is in Rivonia, and the other two are in Cyrildene and Parkhurst. They offer a variety of bubble teas, coffees and juices at very reasonable prices. In addition, they have interesting flavours, such as Matcha, Milk Tea and Taro Macchiato! 

Susu’s staff is friendly, and their service is fast. The place is popular, and sometimes, a queue of customers is waiting to be served.

Figgy’s Bubble Tea shop

Figgy’s is a pop-up bubble tea shop in Roodepoort, just south of Johannesburg. Patrons highly recommend the lemonade and slushy bubble tea as the best options at Figgy’s. In addition, they have unique bubble tea flavours, such as falooda or boeber bubble tea. 

Figgy’s also sells bubble tea gift boxes for different price ranges. They ship to anywhere in South Africa. Since Figgy’s is a pop-up shop, always phone ahead to find their location. They are open most days from 9:00-16:00. 


Happy.me is one of the most popular bubble tea shops in Johannesburg and has a shop in Bank City in the Johannesburg city centre. The happy.me shops sell more than just bubble tea and healthy drinks, iced teas, chocolate drinks, and a variety of deli meals, such as paninis, salads, and wraps. Many of the customers of happy.me say it is the only place for proper bubble tea. 

The Bubble Tea Company

The Bubble Tea Company was the first and original bubble tea shop in South Africa. The Johannesburg branch of the Bubble Tea Company is near Alberton. Apart from the physical shop, they also have an online shop to stock up on your bubble tea ingredients. 

Simplicity Coffee and Tea

You can find Simplicity Coffee and Tea in Cyrildene. They have a nice variety of bubble teas on offer. They also sell noodle dishes. Visitors mentioned the owner is friendly and that Simplicity’s bubble tea is the best in Cyrildene.

Xing Fu Tang – Cresta Shopping Centre

Another option to satisfy your bubble tea cravings is Xing Fu Tang at the Cresta Shopping Centre. Xing Fu Tang offers a range of bubble tea options, including chocolate milk, strawberry milk, Dalgona and Lotus Biscoff. Some customers mentioned that the tea flavour is more potent than at other bubble tea shops – keep this in mind when you choose where to buy your bubble tea.

Where To Buy Bubble Tea in Johannesburg

Yoyo – Bubble Milk Tea

Another popular option for Bubble tea is Yoyo. They serve their cups with a reusable lid, which makes it easy to store your bubble tea if you cannot finish it in one go. Yoyo offers a variety of teas and flavours. They also sell smoothies.

Ben’s Bubble Tea

According to Ben’s Bubble Tea, the shop was founded in March of 2021. There are currently eight locations, but the first shop was at Melrose Arch. They serve Bubble Tea, Milk Tea and Freezos.

Kokoro Supermarkets

Bubble Tea Shop in Johannesburg - Canned Bubble Tea at Kokoro Supermarket
Bubble Tea Shop in Johannesburg – Canned Bubble Tea at Kokoro Supermarket

There are several Kokoro supermarkets in Johannesburg. Unfortunately, they don’t sell fresh bubble tea, but you can buy various canned bubble teas from the Ocean Bomb brand. The price is usually around R30 for a can. 

Bubble Tea Warehouse

The Bubble Tea Warehouse is a wholesale supplier of bubble tea supplies. If you love bubble tea and want to buy your supplies in bulk, this is the place to go.

The Bubble Emporium

The Bubble Tea Emporium in Blairgowrie
The Bubble Tea Emporium in Blairgowrie

The Bubble Emporium is a new bubble tea shop that opened in the Blairgowrie Plaza in Blairgowrie, Randburg. They have a limited selection of bubble teas and other coffees. They also sell a variety of gifts.

Bubble Boba Bubble Tea & Bakery

Bubble Boba Bubble Tea and Bakery in Rivonia
Bubble Boba Bubble Tea and Bakery in Rivonia

I recently discovered this new bubble tea shop in Rivonia, near Kokoro and Susu. You can order from them using Uber Eats. Their menu includes fruit teas, a watermelon series, a strawberry series, a slushy series, a milk tea series, a coffee series and cheese toppings.

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